Led Light For Life Jacket Fontus/Triton/Lalizas 997776


Led Light Life Jacket 

The light is waterproof and can be held under water in ready-to-flash position. 
The light are designed to reflect and send an SOS signal. 
All our items are approved by CCS, EC, ABS.

1.For sinking people to find rescue position when in water by light flashing.
2.For rescue personnel to find drowned people in water by light flashing.
3.The light is available on sea navigation, or river ships

Luminous Intensity: ≥ 0.075cd
Working Time: ≥ 8h
Operation Voltage: 6.0V
Storage Temperature: -30℃~+65℃
Water-activated Temperature: -1℃~+30℃
Light Form: Flashing
Flash Frequency: 50~70times/min
Color of Light: white
Weight (batteries contained): ≤ 156g

JenisIntensitas bercahayaWaktu dayaTegangan operasiPencahayaan BentukBlitz FrekuensiWarna CahayaSertifikat
CRQD-L-B Merah> 0.75cd> 8 H3.6 VBerkedip50-70 kali/menitPutihCCS, EC


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