Amscud Trident Tank Protector 994927X


Amscud Trident Tank Protector

The long lasting, high quality Trident Tank Protector will keep your dive cylinders looking newer longer, or hide the scratches and war wounds of your older tanks! Stop the nicks and scrapes that your cylinders get while in transit.

The Best Tank  Protector
For years suppliers have been reducing the quality of tank mesh protectors. What’s commonly available now isn’t anywhere near the quality most Nylon protectors once were. So we searched the world to find this high quality, super durable cylinder protector.

We have found that when a tank Protectors is used it will significantly extend the life of the external paint on your tank by providing a hard wearing protective sheath.

These heavy duty, nylon Protectors cylinder/tank protectors feature a thicker Protectors than similar products for extra durability. They also have a superior, long lasting, tight “diamond weave” fine mesh pattern.

They fit standard 184 mm (7.25 inch) diameter tanks, including 50, 60 and 80 cu ft capacity aluminium cylinders, plus 9.0 litre (75 cu ft), 10.5 litre (80 cu ft), and standard 12.2 litre (100 cu ft) capacity steel cylinders. The 55 cm long mesh can be cut to suit any length cylinder.


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