AmScuD Snap Shock Line With Looped Corp Right End 9955230



The AmScuD Clip Shock Line is a heavy duty shock line that is an ideal accessory for Scuba diving as it can be easily attached to a BCD D-ring using the snap hook that is attached by webbing to one ew nd of the shock cord.
The opposite end of the shock cord has a stainless steel split ring and nylon cord with a toggle, attached to heavy duty webbing.
The shock cord also has a secure clip, to lock both ends together. The laynard will not extend out with the clips secured together.
The AmScuD Clip Shock line would be ideal for use with a camera or for use as a safety lanyard.
It has black clips, Yellowebbing and the shock cord is clear with a yellow line through the centre.

– Easy release clips, simple to use even with gloves on.
– Clip it around things, or to things with various clip options.
– Heavy duty shock line for lasting use.

Keep all your lights, gauges, cameras and anything else you might need during your dive. Unclip the clip and you get more than one arms length of stretch from a coil.

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